Some Knowledge About Wardrobe Slides

- Oct 31, 2020-

As the most commonly used hardware accessory in the wardrobe, the slide rail directly affects the service life of the wardrobe. Whether the drawer is beautiful or not is a matter of personal preference, but the function and longevity depend on the quality of the slide rail. Like the door hinge, the slide rail is a hardware accessory that is frequently used and is very important in furniture accessories. Therefore, choosing a slide rail is also to look for the brand , The price difference is also large, the wall panels of well-known brands are thicker, fine workmanship, and durable, and the wall panels of small brand slide rails are thinner and rough. After a period of use, problems such as poor sliding, noise, and damage will occur.

Common slides:

1. Supporting wheel slide

2. Ball slide

Slide introduction:

Material: iron (galvanized, painted), copper, other alloys

Type specifications: two-section rail, three-section rail, rebound rail, etc.

Basic working principle: telescopic is achieved by rolling balls (or wheels) between the track and the track

Common slides:

【Backing Wheel Slide】

Purpose: generally used in drawers

Length: 250~1000MM

Bearing capacity: 20Kg~100Kg

Type: (two sections) partially pulled out and (three sections) fully pulled out wheeled slide rail installation

【Ball Slide】

Purpose: generally used in drawers

Suitable for drawer length: 150~800MM range (or even more)

Bearing capacity: 10Kg~100Kg or more

Type: generally three-section track

Bottom support features:

The track is hidden at the bottom of the drawer, durable, frictionless when sliding, no noise, and self-closing. Steel ball type features: smooth sliding, convenient installation and very durable. The special structure of the track and the precision steel ball ensure the stability. It can be directly installed on the side panel or plug-in installation or into the groove of the drawer side panel. Their specifications are (mm) 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600.

In addition, there are many special rails, such as rails with frames, ball rails on countertops, etc.