Precautions For Slide Rail Installation

- May 29, 2020-

The slide rail is a hardware connecting part that is fixed on the cabinet of the furniture and is used for the entry and exit of the furniture drawer or cabinet board. The slide rail is suitable for connecting the drawer of the cabinet, furniture, document cabinet, bathroom cabinet and other wooden and steel drawers .

How to install the drawer slide

1. First fix the five plates of the drawer, screw on the screw, the drawer panel has a slot, and there are two small holes in the middle for installing the handle.

2. To install the drawer slide rails, the rails need to be disassembled first, narrowly installed on the side panel of the drawer, and widely installed on the cabinet body. During installation, the slide rail is flat under the drawer side panel and the front flat drawer side panel is front. Everyone must distinguish between before and after.

3. Install the cabinet. Screw the white plastic holes on the side panel of the cabinet first, and then install the wide rail removed from the top. One slide rail is fixed with two small screws in front of each other. Both sides of the cabinet must be installed and fixed.

Please note when installing

1. Please ensure that there is a 13mm gap between the drawer and the cabinet;

2. Fully stretch the three-section slide rail, there is a black buckle on the reverse side of the inner rail, press the left side to separate the inner rail;

3. Fix the outer rail and the middle rail on both sides of the drawer;

4. Fix the inner rail on both sides of the cabinet;

5. Hold up the drawer, align the middle rail with the inner rail and slide it to the end.