How To Remove The Drawer Slide

- Feb 22, 2020-

Drawer slide rail is a necessary tool for drawer operation. If it is accidentally broken, you also need to remove it, so it is also necessary to choose the appropriate slide rail. Here's how to remove the drawer slide.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of rails are in your home, such as three sections of track, two sections of track. Then pull the cabinet out easily, but be sure to maintain a stable state when pulling out, so that it will not hurt the cabinet and the track when it is pulled out. Check to see if there are switches on both sides of the cabinet. The shape is sharp. If you see it, try to press down with your hands. If you can press it, you will hear a click. Take out the body.

But don't press too hard when pressing it. If you don't understand it, something is stuck, you need to check it. After pressing it, take it out gently and keep it flat so that it won't hurt the track too much. After pulling it out, check whether the drawer's rails are deformed or otherwise. If deformation is encountered, the position of the deformation is usually adjusted, and it is installed and fixed, and then it is placed in the original way. Into this, it can easily complete the removal and installation of the drawer slide rails.