How To Keep The Dimension Of Linear Guide Within The Level

- Feb 06, 2021-

With the more and more extensive industrial automation equipment, people pay more and more attention to the use of linear guide, then the use of linear guide should be maintained in a certain level, so as to ensure the accuracy of the guide.

linear guide rail

(1) Automatic alignment

The DF (45 - °, 45 °) combination from the circular groove can be absorbed by the inner part of the line rail slider even if there is some deviation on the surface of the device by the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the handling of the contact point during the installation, which can produce the effect of automatic alignment and obtain high-precision and stable smooth movement.

(2) It is interchangeable

Due to the strict control of production accuracy, the linear guide rail dimension can be maintained within a certain level, and the slider is designed to prevent the steel ball from falling off. Therefore, some series of precision are interchangeable. Customers can order the guide rail or slider according to their needs, or store the guide rail and slider separately to reduce the storage space.

(3) High rigidity in all directions

Four row arc groove is used to cooperate with four rows of steel balls and other 45 degree contact points, so that the steel balls can reach the desired two-point contact structure, which can accept the load from up and down and left and right directions; if necessary, preloading can be applied to improve the rigidity.

(4) Smooth walking, low noise

Simple and smooth ball return path design, and the use of impact resistant reinforced synthetic resin ball circulation accessories. Smooth operation, low voice.