How To Judge The Quality Of Linear Guide

- Mar 12, 2021-

When you planned to buy the linear guide last year, we reflected that you should push the slider and try to see if it can slide normally. Of course, we all know that as long as the sliding is smooth and there is no interval, it is good.

linear guide rail

In fact, this point is also very learned. Many manufacturers now put some gaps between the guide rail and the slider to achieve this purpose. In fact, this is not possible,

As the linear guide belongs to precision equipment, if we blindly seek the sliding effect, we can imagine that there is something wrong with the product itself.

In this respect, every product produced by reliance automation will never have such a problem in terms of sliding effect and quality. How can we know that there is a gap between the slider and the guide rail!

This question is actually very simple. When a product is in hand, what we said above is one of them, and then the answer to this question is: stick one end of the slider on a smooth plane, then press the other side with your hand, and gently shake the track,

Usually, the selection of linear guide is necessary according to the operating conditions, load capacity and expected life. The so-called operating conditions mainly refer to the equipment used, accuracy requirements, rigid requirements, load method, travel, operating speed, operating frequency, operating environment and other elements. Select the appropriate product series according to the conditions.