How To Install Sliding Door Rails?

- Feb 22, 2020-

The most important thing to install a sliding door is to install the track, and the track is almost finished.

1. The size of the track box on the top of the sliding door must be 12 cm high and 9 cm wide. Like a curtain box, a track is installed in the track box, and the sliding door can be suspended on the track. When the height of the door is lower than 1.95 meters, people feel very depressed. Therefore, when making sliding doors, the height must be at least 195 + 12 = 207 cm.

2. The gold size of a normal door is about 80 cm x 200 cm. Under this structure, the door is relatively stable and beautiful. So the ratio of the width and height of the sliding door is similar to the gold size.

3. Use sliding doors (ground hanging rail boxes) from floor to ceiling with caution. Because the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the sliding door is easy to deform as time passes, and the door cannot be opened after deformation, which means that it cannot be repaired and cannot be used.

4. The last is to install the sliding door rail: fix the upper rail, and use gravity cone (hanging wire hammer) to hang 3 points on the two ends and the middle point of the upper rail and draw 3.3 points on the ground with an oil pen, then install the upper rail, Place a hoisting hammer on the ground opposite the center point of the upper track, and put vertical lines at both ends of the track. The lower track is fixed at these 3 points. This can ensure that the upper and lower tracks are completely parallel, and the sliding door sliding is optimal. Status now.