How To Choose The Overall Wardrobe Slide

- Oct 31, 2020-

The quality of the overall wardrobe is determined by many details, and hardware is one of the important aspects. In the overall wardrobe hardware, the wardrobe slide plays a pivotal importance. How should the overall wardrobe slide be purchased, and what should be paid attention to in the purchase? Take a look.

First, the main classification of the overall wardrobe slide

1. Ball drawer slide

  Suitable for drawer length: 150~800MM range (or even more)

  Bearing capacity: 10Kg~100Kg or more

  Type: generally three-section track

2. Bottom support wheel type drawer slide

  Length: 250~1000MM

  Bearing capacity: 20Kg~100Kg

  Type: (two sections) partially pulled out and (three sections) fully pulled out

2. Precautions for purchasing the overall wardrobe slide

  1. Surface treatment: This can be seen by the naked eye. You don't need to listen to too many sales stories, you can understand it naturally.

  2. Structure and material: Looking at the thickness of the cross-section of the metal material of the slide rail and its structure, the quality of the slide rail that usually uses a lot of plastic parts is not as good as the all-metal slide rail.

  3. Specific gravity: usually refers to the weight of the same length or volume unit, here refers to the weight of the slide rail of the same type (such as two rails).

  4. Applicability: As soon as you stretch the lower rail, you can feel the weight, strength, and so on.