How To Choose Hidden Drawer Slide

- Jul 25, 2020-

Nowadays, more and more people will choose the new hidden slide rail when decorating, so how to choose the appropriate hidden damping slide rail?

When choosing a hidden drawer slide, you can choose according to the following points?

1. To choose a concealed slide rail, first look at the appearance of the slide rail to see if the surface of the product is well treated, and whether there are traces of rust.

2. The quality of the hidden slide and the after-sales service promised by the manufacturer of the damping slide.

3. Looking at the thickness of the material used for the hidden damping slide, the material used for the hidden damping slide is basically galvanized sheet. When purchasing, you should decide where the slide rail is used. For wet places like bathroom cabinets, it is best to use stainless steel slide rails. Cold-rolled steel slide rails are sufficient for general drawers.

4. Look at the smoothness and structure of the concealed damping slide rail, hold the fixed rail of the slide rail, and then tilt it 45 degrees to see if it can slide to the end automatically (some short slide rails cannot automatically slide because of insufficient weight. Slippery is normal.) If it can slide to the end, the smoothness of the slide rail is still acceptable. Then pull the slide rail to the end, hold the fixed rail in one hand, and the movable rail in the other hand, and shake it left and right, so that you can test whether the structure and workmanship of the slide rail are strong. It is best to choose a slide with less shaking. rail.

Seeing this, I believe everyone can choose a suitable hidden drawer slide.