How To Choose Drawer Slide?

- Feb 12, 2020-

Unqualified drawer slide rails will reduce the service life of the furniture and may cause the drawer to deform and slip during use, thereby causing injury to users. The price of drawer slides of different quality varies greatly. In order to reduce production costs, individual companies use poor quality slides or fewer screws during installation, which reduces the durability of the product and affects the product's use function. So how to choose a drawer slide?

There are a few points that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a drawer slide, one is the specific gravity, the second is the surface treatment, the third is the structure and material, and the fourth is the applicability.

1.Specific gravity: Usually refers to the weight of the same length or volume unit, here refers to the weight of drawer slides of the same type (such as two rails).

2. Surface treatment: This can be seen with the naked eye. You don't need to listen to too many sales words, you will understand naturally.

3. Structure and material: According to the thickness of the cross section of the metal material of the drawer slide rail and its structure, usually the drawer slide rails using many plastic parts are not as good as the full metal slide rails.

4. Applicability: You can feel the weight, strength and so on when you pull the drawer slide.

Since drawer slide rails are frequently used hardware accessories, they are very important in furniture accessories. Therefore, choosing drawer slide rails is also a recognized brand with a large price difference. Well-known brands have thicker panels, fine workmanship, durability, and small size. The wall plate of the brand slide rail is thin and has a rough workmanship. After a period of use, problems such as poor sliding, noise, and damage will occur.