How Should The Kitchen Drawer Slides Be Chosen?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Slide rail drawers are an integral part of modern kitchens, and in the design of the entire drawer, small slide rails can have a significant impact on the quality of the entire drawer. According to the position of the slide rail, we divide the slide rail into two categories, which are installed at the bottom of the drawer and installed on the side of the drawer. The slide rail installed at the bottom of the drawer can hide the rail well, also called the stealth rail. . Most of the slide rails installed at the bottom of the drawer have a rebound function, which can withstand the weight of the drawer. The slide rail installed at the bottom is more ideal than the rail mounted on the side.

According to the length of the slide rail, it can be divided into slide rails of lengths of 27 cm, 36 cm, and 45 cm. According to the material of the slide rail, the commonly used drawer slide rails have roller slide rails, steel ball slide rails and wear-resistant nylon slide rails. The structure of the roller slide rail is relatively simple. It consists of one pulley and two rails, which can cope with the daily push-pull needs, but the bearing capacity is poor and does not have the rebound function. The steel ball slide is basically a three-section metal slide rail. The more common one is the structure mounted on the side of the drawer, which is simple to install and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide can ensure smooth sliding and high bearing capacity. The more durable test is the wear-resistant nylon slide rails, which are relatively rare on the market, and there are many slide rails with some nylon. The nylon slides ensure that the cabinet drawers are smooth and quiet when pulled out, and the rebound is soft.

Shopping points

1. Pay attention to the structure of the drawer slide.

The integrally connected slide rails are preferred for drawer load bearing, while the three-point connection is slightly inferior. With the advancement of the slide rail design, the current high-quality slide rails are also characterized by simple disassembly. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the materials of the slide rails. Inferior materials have a fatal impact on the quality of the slide rails. Therefore, when you purchase, you can feel the slide rails of different materials with your hands, and choose the real feel, the hardness is higher, and the heavy rails are heavier


2, according to the needs of their own kitchen to buy.

At the time of purchase, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the proper length of the slide rail, but also to consider the requirements of the drawer. If the drawer is to be placed with a very heavy weight, it is necessary to pay great attention to the weight of the slide rail. When you listen to the salesperson's introduction, you can ask about the number of pushes that the rail can bear under load-bearing conditions.

3. Select the slide rails for the site experiment.

You will feel the resistance when the good drawer slides are pulled out. When the rail is pulled to the end, the drawer does not fall off or fall over. At the scene, you can also pull out the drawer and press it on the drawer with your hand to see if the drawer is loose and there is a creaking sound. At the same time, the resistance and resilience of the slide rail during the pull-out process of the drawer appear, and whether it is smooth or not, you also need to push and pull several times at the scene to observe.

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