How Install Drawer Slides

- Sep 28, 2019-

Drawers play a powerful role in people's daily life. The drawers must be indispensable on a piece of finished furniture in every family, but how is the drawer installed? Before you understand the drawer installation, you need to know the drawer slides first. How to install?

Drawer slide installation method and steps:

Drawer slide

1, Reserve touch rebound space

If the furniture is made by the woodworker, remember to reserve some space for the drawer to rebound before installing the drawer slide. Of course, if you choose finished furniture, you don't need to consider this issue.

2, Determine the installation method

There are two types of drawers: low drawers and inner drawers. The difference between the two is that the drawer panel of the low drawer still protrudes out of the furniture cabinet and is not in a straight line. The inner drawer is the drawer panel that also enters the drawer after it has been pushed into the cabinet, and will not remain outside.

3, Clear slide track

In general, drawer slides can be divided into three parts: active track, medium track and fixed track.

4, Dismantle the active track

Before installing the drawer slide, first find the circlip of the movable track of the drawer, and press the circlip to gently remove the movable track from the main body of the slide. Note: During the disassembly process, do not damage the slide rails or disassemble the outer rails and the middle rails, otherwise there will be problems in subsequent installation and use.

5, Install the drawer track

Because the drawer slide is composed of the outer rail, the inner rail and the middle rail, it is also required to install these rails one by one. First install the outer rail and the middle rail in the split chute on both sides of the drawer cabinet, and then install the inner rail to the side panel of the drawer. It is also worth noting here: if you install a drawer made in the field, you need to pre-punch the holes in the cabinet and side panels of the drawer; if it is finished furniture, you do not need to punch holes.

6, The drawer is loaded into the box

When all the slides are mounted on the drawer, the drawer is finally loaded into the cabinet. This step is relatively simple, but you need to be careful to press the front inner track retainer when installing, then push the drawer in parallel into the case and to the bottom.