How Do Drawer Slides Mount

- Jun 29, 2020-

1. Reserve space for touch rebound

If the furniture is made on-site at the carpentry, remember to reserve some space for the drawer to touch and rebound before installing the drawer slide. Of course, if you choose finished furniture, you do not need to consider this issue.

2. Determine the installation method

There are two types of drawer installation: low drawer and inner drawer. The difference between the two is that, after the drawer panel of the low drawer is fully pushed into the furniture cabinet, it still protrudes and stays outside and does not line up and down. In the inner drawer, the drawer panel enters the drawer at the same time after the drawer is completely pushed into the box, and does not stay outside.

3. Clear slide track

Under normal circumstances, the drawer slide can be divided into three parts: active track, middle track and fixed track.

4. Disassemble the movable track

Before installing the drawer slide, first find the snap spring of the drawer's movable rail, and press down the snap spring to gently remove the movable rail from the main body of the slide. Note: During the disassembly process, do not damage the slide rail, and do not disassemble the outer rail and the middle rail, otherwise problems will occur in subsequent installation and use.

5. Install drawer track

Because the drawer slides are composed of outer rails, inner rails, and middle rails, you need to come one by one when installing these rails. First install the outer rail and middle rail in the split guide rail on both sides of the drawer cabinet, and then install the inner rail on the side panel of the drawer. It should also be noted here: If you install a drawer made on site, you also need to punch holes in the drawer cabinet and side panels in advance; if it is finished furniture, you do not need to punch holes.

6. The drawer is installed in the box

After all the slide rails are installed on the drawer cabinet, the drawer is finally installed into the cabinet. This step is relatively simple, but it needs to be noted that when installing, you must press the front inner rail circlip, and then slowly push the drawer into the box parallel to the bottom.