How Do Drawer Slides Come Apart

- Dec 22, 2020-

In many families, the drawer guide rail is usually broken, and the drawer guide rail removal also requires a certain method, and different methods of disassembly are required for different drawers. Only use the right method. In order to achieve a perfect disassembly process, otherwise it will damage the track or drawer. Here are 2 ways to help you easily disassemble the drawer guide

Method one:

First of all, you need to determine what kind of slide rail is in your home, such as three-section rails, industrial rails. If it is a three-section rail, the cabinet should be gently pulled out first. When you want to pull it upside down, you must carefully check whether there is a sharper object on both sides of the cabinet, usually on both sides of the cabinet. Have. (This kind of pointed object is usually called a plastic bullet card) Then try to push down the plastic bullet card twice. When you press it, you can understand the crisp sound, and this time The description opens. In this way, the cabinet can be easily taken out. Be sure to keep the cabinet in a horizontal position when removing it. Do not use too much force, otherwise the rails on both sides will be damaged. After adjustment, install it to a suitable position.

Method Two:

First pull out the cabinet easily, but be sure to maintain a stable state when pulling out, so that it will not hurt the cabinet and the track when pulling out. Check if there are sharp buttons on both sides of the cabinet. If you see it, try to push it down with your hands. If you can press it, you will hear a clicking sound. At this time, take out the cabinet. But be sure not to press too hard when you press it. If you don’t understand it, something is stuck and you need to check it. After pressing down, take it out gently and keeping it flat so that it will not cause too much damage to the track. After pulling it out again, check whether the drawer rail slide is due to deformation or other conditions. If it is deformed, usually adjust the position of the deformation, install and fix it, and then place it in the original way. Into it, this can easily complete the disassembly of the drawer guide.