Design Requirements

- May 22, 2019-

The slide consists of a climbing section, a platform section and a sliding section. It is generally made of wood, stainless steel, artificial terrazzo, fiberglass and reinforced plastic to ensure smooth surface of the skateboard. Slides must be ergonomically sized, blended with the height of the human body, and combined with the age and shape of the child to benefit their healthy growth. Generally, when designing, the ladder climbing ladder has a tilt angle of about 70°, a width of 40cm, a height of 6cm, and a handrail on both sides. The sliding angle of the skateboard is 30°-35°, the width is 40cm, and the straight edges on both sides are 18cm, which is convenient for children's feet to brake. In addition, the finished skateboard and the self-made slide should be laid on the lower part of the ladder with a thickness of not less than 3cm, or sand of 40cm or more to prevent children from falling and being injured.

And pay attention to the bearing capacity of the slide, the cushioning force, the armrests on both sides, and whether the width is suitable. The parabola is not reasonable. The best way is to practice it. Refer to other finished products. Make improvements and put safety first.