Damping Rail

- Feb 20, 2019-

The damper rail is one of the inside of the slide rail, and it is an effect of providing an anti-sound buffer which is ideal for buffering performance using a liquid. The slide rails are easy to automate and have been selected. It relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the drawer. The drawer will use hydraulic slowdown to reduce the impact force when closing to the last distance, resulting in a comfortable closure. Even if you use force to push the drawer, it will be gently closed to ensure the perfection and softness of the movement. The utility model comprises a fixed rail, a middle rail, a movable rail, a ball, a clutch and a buffer. The buffer is installed in the fixed rail; the buffer comprises a piston rod, a casing and a piston, and the through hole and the hole are arranged on the piston. When the piston rod drives the piston to move, the liquid can flow from one side to the other through the through hole, thereby damping the damping. The utility model is used for pushing and pulling activities of drawers.