Ball Bearing Performance

- Apr 22, 2019-

The hardness of the retainer is lower than that of the ball and the ring, and the material is metal (such as: medium carbon steel, aluminum alloy) or non-metal (such as: Teflon, PTEF, polymer material). Rolling bearings have lower rotational frictional resistance than journal bearings, so at the same speed, the temperature due to friction will be lower.

Ball bearings are generally used in low load mechanical transmission equipment. Because the bearing area of the ball bearing is small, it is prone to serious mechanical damage in the case of high-speed operation. Therefore, in heavy-duty mechanical transmission, needle-type bearings are often used to increase the bearing surface, improve the mechanical transmission efficiency, and reduce Mechanical damage.

The ball bearing changes the friction mode of the bearing and adopts rolling friction. This method is more effective in reducing the friction between the bearing surfaces, improving the service life of the fan bearing and thus prolonging the service life of the radiator. The disadvantage is that the process is more complicated, the cost is increased, and it also brings higher working noise.