Advantages Of Soft Close Drawer Slides

- Sep 19, 2020-

If the drawers in the cabinet want to be used flexibly, slide rails need to be installed. The sliding rail connects the drawer and the cabinet body, making it more convenient to use. General sliding rails have frictional noise during use, and they are prone to collisions if excessive force is applied. But installing the soft close drawer slides will not have such a problem. It is a new type of technology that can adapt to the speed of drawer closing.

The structure of the soft close drawer slides includes a fixed rail, a movable rail, a middle rail, a ball, a clutch, and a buffer. The buffer is a key part of the soft close drawer slides. It is installed in the fixed rail and consists of a shell, a piston rod and a piston. . When the drawer is opened and closed, the piston rod drives the piston to move, and the liquid in the soft close drawer slides will flow from the through hole on the piston to the other side, which can play a buffering role.

The soft close drawer slides is designed with hydraulic deceleration, which can effectively reduce the impact force, so that the drawer will not close suddenly and cause damage to the furniture. And there will be no noise when switching, forming a soft and silent comfort. Drawers installed with soft close drawer slides are very good to use when closed, and have a long service life, without maintenance.