Advantages And Characteristics Of Hidden Drawer Slides

- Jul 25, 2020-

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the use and experience of home decoration products are getting higher and higher. Home furnishing products and accessories with more beautiful appearance and better experience are beginning to be favored by more consumers. As for the sliding rails used in home drawers, more and more people have begun to choose and use the third-generation hidden bottom drawer sliding rails. So what are the advantages and characteristics of the third-generation hidden bottom drawer slide? Is it worth our choice and use?

The following hidden drawer slides have some advantages and characteristics:

1. The inner and outer rails of the concealed slide rail are made of 1.5mm thick galvanized steel plate, which is more stable in use and better load-bearing!

2. Hidden slide rail drawer is installed on top of the slide rail, the slide rail is basically invisible when the drawer is opened, and the overall look is more beautiful. The slide rail supports the drawer on the lower front, and the drawer is more stable when pulled out, and the side-to-side swing is less.

3. The inner rail and the outer rail of the hidden slide rail are tightly connected by multiple rows of plastic rollers. The slide rail is smoother and quieter when pulled.

4. The concealed slide rail uses a longer and thicker damper, which has a longer buffer stroke than the traditional second-generation damping slide rail. When the drawer is closed, the cushioning experience is better.

5. The concealed slide rail can be disassembled after installation. It is more convenient to install and debug than the second-generation slide rail. After installation, due to the cleaning needs of the drawer, non-professionals can also adjust the handle to easily remove and install the drawer.

6. The concealed slide rail is made of galvanized steel, no electroplating processing is required, and it does not cause pollution to the production environment and the home environment. Green!

The concealed slide is divided into two concealed slides and three concealed slides. The regular size ranges from 10 inches to 22 inches. Generally, 10 inches to 14 inches are mainly used on bathroom cabinet drawers, and 16 inches to 22 inches are mainly used on cabinets and closet drawers.